NPK (S) Olive Plus

Ammonium nitrosulphate (ASN) is a nitrogen fertilizer suitable for top dressing of all types of crops, even for those with high nutritional requirements. In addition to its content in nitric and ammoniacal nitrogen, the ASN offers a solution to the sulphur deficiencies caused by the loss of sulphates in the soil, in years of high rainfall or by intense irrigation that can cause the loss of nutrients with greater mobility.

The exclusive production process designed by Fertiberia gives the nitro sulphate a structure in the form of double salt, composed of nitrogen and sulphur of very high quality and solubility, which guarantees the joint application of these elements for a longer time. Numerous tests show that this joint and continuous application of nitrogen and sulphur is beneficial for the assimilation of both nutrients, achieving significant increases in the production and quality of the crops.

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